Cut Medical Costs by Using Good Night Pediatrics

Vox (a general interest news site) has uncovered the truth about emergency room visits and your money. You probably know that there are big differences between charges at the ER and at urgent cares, but did you know that some urgent cares – especially hospital system ones- also charge a facility fee?

What is a facility fee? “Provider-based billing” allows hospitals and its outpatient clinics, including their hospital branded urgent cares, to bill separately for the facility as well as for physician services.  You read that right - it’s a fee for just walking through the door and seeking service!  This fee doesn’t include any care provided, you’ll be charged for that too! 

Many insurance plans no longer cover facility fees, so you may be responsible for paying the entire facility fee. 

According to Vox, hospitals take “advantage of their market power – charging high fees because they are often the only place, late at night or on the weekend, where American can seek health care.”

Good Night Pediatrics opens at 5:00pm every night of the year.  If your child has a non-emergent illness or injury, we are a late night alternative to the emergency room, and we don’t charge a facility fee!

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